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Video article

Video articles are an innovative type of publication item which is highly engaging for readers. It presents scientific findings using visual media, providing the reader with all the elements which support a traditional article. Like a traditional article type, video articles must be an original contribution, are peer-reviewed and, if accepted, indexed and citable. A PDF and ePub of the article are also available.

The focus of a video article is the video itself but it is completed by a descriptive abstract in English and all required indexing information, such as title, authors and affiliations, keywords, references and disclosures.

Videos should be in high definition and have a maximum length of 8 minutes and must be narrated, either in English or in local languages (French, German, Italian and Spanish). They may contain music, but it must be appropriately covered by permission from the authors. The format should preferably be Windows Media files (.wmv), but other accepted formats are .avi, .mov or .mp4.

Submission items

  • A Word document for the title page, which must include title, authors, affiliations, corresponding author’s information, abstract in English, keywords, disclosures, and references;
  • Video file
video article