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Clinical medicine, pharmacy, healthcare technology and other healthcare related disciplines with a focus on innovation in healthcare and policy.

Journal of Circulating Biomarkers

Current developments and interdisciplinary studies on circulating biomarkers, from basic science to translational and clinical applications.

Global & Regional Health Technology Assessment

Exploring the relation between economic factors and decision-making in healthcare, and the limitations within each market in allocating healthcare resources.

Drug Target Insights

Current developments in clinical therapeutics, focusing on molecular drug targets which include disease-specific proteins, receptors, enzymes, and genes.

Giornale di Clinica Nefrologica e Dialisi

Addressing hands-on nephrologists, nephrology specialists, dialysis and transplant nephrology nurses, dialysis technicians and kidney dietitians

Cancer Breaking News

Promoting debate and interactions between young physicians, leaders and qualified experts in oncology, published from 2013 to 2017.

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Equal opportunity

Equal opportunity for all authors to publish their research, including contributions in their own language to reach a growing audience

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Rigorous peer-review process, strict ethical policies and editorial standards to ensure high quality contributions across diverse fields

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Open Access

Contents available immediately after acceptance under a Creative Commons attribution licence, with no embargo period

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Highest editorial standards with a simplified and cost-effective submission process to ensure efficient dissemination of accepted content