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Image explained

Images capture the sense of visual observation physicians experience in their daily practice and are a great tool to convey visible contents. Images should provide advances and/or unusual contributions and like

A traditional article type, must be an original contribution, are peer-reviewed and, if accepted, indexed and citable. A PDF and ePub of the article are also available.

The focus of an image explained article is the image itself, but it is completed by a short descriptive text and all required indexing information, such as title, authors and affiliations, keywords, references and disclosures. Images must be in high resolution and must be original.

Submission items

This article consists of:

  • A title page, which must include title, authors, affiliations, corresponding author’s information, keywords, disclosures
  • An image description(similar in concept to a figure legend)
  • A text, of no more than 500 words, structured as Discussion and Conclusiondescribing the image and the techniques used to capture them, relevant clinical information and up to 5 references
  • A high resolution image
image explained